Often, we actually move and make noise. It's easier to see that with a movie.

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Texas Trombones in Motion
Trombone March AroundTrombone March Around on National No Pants Day.
Stupid TrombonesThis is what happens when we have 2 hours to kill and lots of empty water bottles.
Baylor GameHighlights of Texas Bones in action from the Baylor Game. Appearances by Cory and Magoo riding the bone, Robert yelling, Karl letting us know who he worships, and of course Bone Tell.
Bone TellBone Tell in the Cotton Bowl with Roooooobert conducting. Props to Jim Cullers for providing this video.
Stuck in CanCan riding gone horribly (but hilariously) wrong...
Get a Bone in there!We're infamous for getting our bones in pictures and national TV
Bones on TVOur couple minutes of TV glory during the Red River Shootout
ENORMOUS!!!Defeating Ohio State in the shoe at night was ENORMOUS!!
Trombone DragonChinese Trombone Dragon...
(Brought to you by the Texas Basketball Band Trombones)
Texas FightTexas Fight
Eyes of TexasThe Eyes of Texas (to somebody named Lee)
OwenOwen is a freak
OwenAgain..... Owen is a freak...
Can Riding BattleWow... We're stupid
In the HallsIn the Halls of Old UT...
RyanRyan doing an immpression of a whale
Bone TellBone Tell at rehersal
HellraisersBone Tell with the Hellraisers
SageSage doing the (not) so Fun Box
ThomasThomas doing the (not) so Fun box