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Carolyn Gjertsen

Two. Two years since a new news post. Ah Ah Ah!

Sat 07/12/08 03:07 PM
Author: Carolyn Gjertsen

As everyone is gearing up for this years marching season I feel it is time to update the site, as it has not been done in a while. I'll be getting more pictures up soon, but the chaos of the summer has left me quite busy.

To get everyone psyched up:

DKR will be AWESOME when it's finished.

Anywho... I'm in the long process of deleting all the spam bots that have registered on the site. If anyone accidentally gets deleted in the process, I'm sorry.

Hook 'Em!

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Michael Vu

Catching up to this 2006 season

Sat 10/21/06 04:45 PM
Author: Michael Vu

So we are halfway through the season and I have now decided to do some serious updating on this site. Mainly because I did not go to Lincoln this weekend and so I actully had some time to update this. So some updates on what has been going on with us bones in LHB and on this fall football season so far:

- If you do not know by now, this is not James Lee. Instead another asian bone took his place which would happen to be me, Michael Vu. So if you have any quesions, comments, conserns, or candy... you know who to talk to.

- It seems like everybody has a digital camera now. I on the other hand do not... or at least not a very good one. So most of the pictures that will be updated on this site will come from yall. While for me, I just got a brand new video camcorder that I will be making use of this season. Who knows what I will catch on tape.

- Our new trombone shirt for this year is featured on the main page along with us wearing them... with no pants of course.

- A "Traditions" page will be added that will briefly go into some of the stupid traditions we have in section for you outside people.

-For you alumni bones, there will be an alumni section on this site in the near future for all of yall to tell us what you have been up to and catch to up with old fellow trombones.

-Football is going well. Besides our little hiccup with tOSU, we rolling along with good wins against OU and Nebraska. Colt McCoy is doing very well for a freshman and Aaron Ross is a hoss. Let's just hope those other teams lose so we can jump them in the BCS race for the National Title Game.

-LHBFU is going well so far. First game is this friday (10/27) at IM fields against the trumpets. Be there!

That's it for now. Hook'em!


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James Lee

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Fri 11/18/05 05:35 AM
Author: James Lee

Hey people -

You can download the 2005-2006 Texas Trombones picture. Fit for framing and cramming into peoples' faces! Amaze even people that are the most skeptical of Stupidity! It reeks! It smells! Everyone will want a copy! All this can be yours at the click of a button!

Features of this year's high-quality 2314x1374 resolution picture include:

1) 100% more TA - Moby Fawker brand!
2) 14% More Girl (including Girl)!
3) Immeasurably more Stupid!

Don't miss out! You can get your copy here!

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